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3 reasons our clients value SWARMA® ToD

Our Swarm Agents, being (New) Business Development Consultants, Transformation Agents, Solutions Architects,

Business Analysts, Data Engineers, Developers and Innovation Experts, empower our clients in

Clarifying the Scope and Launching Sustainable Business Initiatives.


Digital Experts ready to start immediately

Saving time and money not having to Recruit, Onboard and Retain specific competency.


Scale your team Up- and Down – when you need it

Scale your team during projects or crucial time periods, enabling you to direct your budget to where it brings most value.


Build Inhouse Digital Competency

We co-simulate and co-create opportunities together with our clients to jointly discover what digital competency to build up internally.

>200 % Transforming speed

Using SWARMA® can yield double-digit investment savings by accelerating the transformation process by > 200 %

400 % savings using ToD?

Allocating, attracting, hiring and keeping talent with advanced technological skills and competence can be up to 400% more costly than using SWARMA Talent-On-Demand.

SWARMA® Talent on Demand

A selection of our Swarm agents

Meet a selection of our Swarm agents, being experienced EVG Practitioners,

Sustainable Strategists, Disruptors, Innovators and Data Experts.


Data-driven Strategist

Facilitating Business Synergies Models for Forbes 500 & Governments, becoming Fossil free 2030

Climate neutral 2040


Chief Algorithm Officer

Visualising industry leaders future business opportunities in-real-time, driving exponential value growth, while reducing risk.


Business development

Experimenting with design thinking, data analysis and real market feedback to co-create new business models and solutions.


Data Scientist

Passion for cleaning, organising and analysing complex raw mega data to find patterns and value-creation opportunities contributing to strategic business decisions.


Strategic Growth Manager

Driving customer acquisition product adoption and usage growth among channel partners and developers, building and executing scalable growth programs.


Innovation Strategist

Leading and directing cross-functional programs., facilitating innovation to embrace change and new processes, delivering powerful solutions.

How SWARMA® empowers our clients

Powered by SWARMA®

SWARMA®’s match-making algorithm is based on Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML) and Deep learning (DL), matching Swarm agents with client projects, based on skills, abilities and personalities.

The EVG® Methodology

All our projects are delivered according to the Exponential Value Growth (EVG) Framework, empowering our clients to gain a deeper understanding and focus on creating exponential value growth – beyond quarterly reports.

D3 Security Management

Our partners are ISO 9001- 27001- and TISAX® certified companies enabling us to meet industry requirements and demonstrate to our clients that we take data protection seriously.

EVG® Sandbox

Together with our clients we are further testing, developing, Initiating, simulating and scaling new business models, creating sand-boxes, Minimum-Viable-Products and Proof-of-concepts with the ability to scale.

Diversity Teams XLNCE

Designing diversity team excellence by combining Swarm agents with contextual skills, competence and abilities – releasing swarm intelligence.


Using SWARMA® XLNCE rigid peer-to-peer review our clients and Swarm agents continuously reflect and evaluate the progress, enabling project- as well as personal- advancement.

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