Private capital experience stakeholders are demanding greater transparency and more insights

Specifically, into valuation processes and reporting, due to digitalization, shifting regulations and demands from institutional investors.

Delivering value to Private Equity firms

Machine learning and AI can drive significant value for Private equity firms

in targeted areas such as;


Collect information generated through operations to drive more analytically focused and sophisticated investment decisions.


Automate the research of prospective deals and integrate it with advanced data processing tools.


Access insights in realtime that spans across all departments (finance, marketing, sales, customer service, business development, operations, maintenance)


Apply Neural networks for improved accuracy, faster processing and support future exposure modeling for valuation adjustments.


Automate dull, routine tasks for back office operations, such as accounts payable vendor invoice approvals and customer sales order processing.

Screening Optimization for better targets to buy

Experienced common challenges for PE firms

Lack of Performance information, shortcomings in the screening process due to lack of internal benchmarks and data from portfolio companies. Inadequate process in place to analyze timely internal data on targeted industries

Lack of experience in adding third-part complexity to current systems used to screen for target identification and benchmarking. 

Driving value in;

In-deal origination, implementing positive growth strategies, enhancing portfolio oversight and determining the value proposition , is just some areas where we can drive value.

Monitoring the portfolio of companies 

Experienced common challenges for PE firms

Reporting for the portfolio companies should be as simple as possible, enabling them to focus on value creation in their day-to-day operations. Stll, the quality of data needs to be accurate-, and on time, enabling PE firms to successfully handling strategic questions and as foundation for decision-making.

Driving value in;

Driving value to Financial Performance Reports, EBI, Earnings before interest and tax, depreciation and KPIs

The Analysis of the Portfolio of Company business drivers

Financial statement and Tax automation Environment, Sustainability and Governance reporting (ESG).

Managing Company Exits

Experienced common challenges for PE firms

Lagging data to restructure, perform valuations and meet regulatory demands for public disclosures. Lack of evaluation criteria and process for investing in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Driving value in;

During the exit strategy, PE firms and portfolio companies would like access to real-time data to restructure, perform valuations and meet regulatory demands for public disclosures. .


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