Empowering Societies in

Adapting to Climate Change

Energy Eco-system Solutions

Empowering Societies, private organisations, governments and institutions

in adapting to climate change through shaping innovative partnerships, releasing innovation and enabling optimisation.

Applying a Holistic view to the Energy Eco-System

Get a comprehensive view of the whole eco-system of energy supply, distribution and the usage of energy, combining ecological sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply. Exploring stakeholders, partners, actors and suppliers engaged in the electricity, heat and gas markets, energy efficiency and renewable energy, (bio-, solar- energy, wind- and hydropower).

Technologies enabling new urban intelligence functions

Smart- and sustainable- cities today use IoT and big data technologies for urban operational functioning and planning, allowing monitoring to improve energy efficiency and environmental health in real time. Discover and optimise new urban intelligence functions as an advanced form of decision support.

Achieve Diversity Team Excellence, using Swarm agents

researchers from different divisions to create a multidisciplinary joint initiative focusing on IT for smart society to address critical challenges in smart cities, sustainable environment, and healthcare, and explore collaborations with governments and industries.

Key Datasets in Global Energy

Global Energy Demand – by Sector

Global Energy Demand – by Fuel Type

Global Generation of Renewable


Optimise operations. Make opportunities visible.

Operations can be complicated and difficult to upgrade and function. Luckily, smart and efficient tools offer Analysis, Supervision, and Optimisation. We empower our clients in exploring business opportunities and optimisation, using:

  • Analysis and statistics
  • Comprehensive forecasting functions
  • Data visualisation
  • Interface (UI)


Using Energy Data Analytics Enabling

Real-time Responses to Market Changes

Using Energy Data Analytics for a more comprehensive and responsive overview – in Real-Time

Long- and Short-term
Energy-, and Utilities- Sector
Market fluctuations
Market Insights
New/ updated Rules and Regulations
Procedures and transparency
Health and Environmental milestones at every step
Business decisions based on energy market forecasts
Worker Safety and Productivity
Systematic prediction:
Changes in marketplace demand
Resources and Asset Integrity:
Balance Resources and Asset Integrity without compromising cost


Explore opportunities using Energy related KPIs and Metrics

Power Cuts & Average Duration:
Monitor the downtime of facilities

Consumption by Sector:
Track the consumption by sector in detail

Total Shareholder Return:
Visualise value to your shareholders

Operating Cash Flow: 
Analyze the generated amount of cash

Production Costs:
Compare costs for different energy sources

Availability Factor: 
Monitor the amount of time your plant is operating

Energy Production Distribution: 
Anticipate future consumer demand

Performance Ratio: 
Track and improve Assets efficiency


Introducing the

EVG® Methodology

Investing in advanced technologies is not enough.

New solutions and operations efficiency demand a new management approach to harness the underlying substantive and synergistic effects on environmental sustainability, achieving Exponential Returns on Investments (EROI).

Empowering our clients in Sustainable Disruption and Business Model Innovation, using the EVG Methodology.

D3- SWARMA® ToD (Talent-On-Demand)

Providing SWARMA® Talent-On-Demand

Investing in advanced technologies is not enough.

Powered by SWARMA® Talent on Demand, our clients are empowered with Senior Experts, Advisors and Business professionals to explore new business opportunities in energy innovation- and optimisation, enabling new sustainable business initiatives.

We call them Swarm agents.

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