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Passionate about synergizing people and technology?

Our projects are becoming more complex and are growing in magnitude. We welcome great people with a warm heart and a brilliant mind for positions, across the entire value-circle.

Transformation agent

Stockholm/ Flexible

You will be an invaluable contribution to our clients when bridging the strategy to execution gap, facilitating our clients and Swarm agents through their transformation..



As our Junior CFO you are well aware of our business’s current and forecasted developments to recommend course of action and safeguard our development forward.

Creative Graphic Designer

Flexible location

You will be an invaluable contribution in shaping our brand journey and visualising our corporate DNA to work seamless across all our media channels…

Social Media Analytics Manager

Flexible location

We are looking for a Technical Social Media Manager, passionate about securing our voice gets through the buzz and to our clients, (industry leaders and start-ups) using Analytics, SEO, HubSpot and other tools to analyze impact.

Chief Growth Officer


As our Chief Marketing Officer you shape our strategic global brand direction, growing our solutions portfolio, (SaaS solutions and SWARMA® Talent-on-Demand).

Career opportunities

We are encouraging exceptional talents with tomorrow’s skills and competence, to apply.

Will you add diversity to our teams?

Ready to become a Swarm agent?

Meet our Swarm agents

Experienced Disruptors, Innovators and Engineers empowering our clients ability to innovate through their data.


Business development

Experimenting with design thinking, data analysis and real market feedback to co-create new business models and solutions.


Data Scientist

Passion for cleaning, organizing and analysing complex raw mega data to find patterns contributing to strategic business decisions.


Strategic Growth Manager

Identifying additional value-creation opportunities, Driving customer acquisition product adoption and usage growth among channel partners and developers by building and executing scalable growth programs.


Sr. Innovation Director

Leading and directing cross-functional programs., facilitating innovation to embrace change and new processes delivering powerful solutions.


Ready to leapfrog your career?

Our community of Swarm agents are located globally. Still we manage to unite around our values and support each other, whether it is during tight deadlines or sharing our hobbies.

Life at Disrupt Synergies

Covid-19 has not affected us much when it comes to the way we work and deliver our projects. Our Swarm agents are used to working remotely in teams, assisted with the power of digital tools to get things done. Our clients appreciate our flexibility and reliability.

Providing a disruptive approach

Since 2016 we have been empowering industry leaders with Swarm agents, enabling diversity team excellence delivering outstanding achievements.