How we became Disrupt Synergies®.

TechCrunch #Disrupt

In September 2016 Disrupt Synergies attended Tech Crunch #Disrupt in San Francisco in USA, the global conference for founders pitching their tech start-ups for renown investors.

It was here Green met with Chief Algorithm Officer Andres Akinkubeddaggs, becoming co-founder of the company.

Founded in 2016

Disrupt Synergies was founded in 2016 by Johanna Green, during her Master studies at Hyper Island in London.

Almedalen Political Week 2017

Disrupt Synergies launched the #Disrupt concept at Almedalen Political Week, the world’s largest open democratic and political event and 64.000 attendees.

Over 400 executives, Data engineers and Scientists attended the 3 days #Disrupt international event with 18 panelists such as McKinsey, GE Healthcare, Boston Consulting Group, Nordea, KTH, Safello, ChromaWay, Wally, to name a few.

Opportunities accelerated at a value of € 250.000.

Empowering industry leaders with the EVG® approach, releasing new revenue streams and cost-synergies valued at€ 250 million.

Experience from > 120 projects

Researching and engaging in > 12.000 innovative projects around Europe and US,A with companies investing in technological innovation and growth.

Opportunities accelerated at a value of € 250.000.

Empowering industry leaders with the EVG® approach, releasing new revenue streams and cost-synergies valued at

€ 250 million.

The ability to disrupt status quo in thinking, acting and doing

When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.

Delivering on our mission

When Disrupt Synergies (D3) was founded in 2016 it was with the mission; “empower C-suite in achieving Exponential Value Growth”. We had for a long time seen how startups leveraging exponential technologies challenged industry leaders with an exponential pace, forcing organisations from a variety of industries going bankrupt. At the same time the startups were struggling to access data and the ability to scale their solutions, often lacking the B2B business thinking and executing strategic sales.

From linear cost-cutting to
non-linear synergies

The founders Johanna Green and Andre Akingkubedaggs wanted to disrupt the linear cost-cutting approach delivered by classic management consulting firms, resulting in short-term results within quarterly reports and reduced quality across the entire value chain, changing to cheaper materials and additional costs, without hindering silos or releasing synergies.

Providing an entrepreneurial approach

Our passion lies in the ability to empower our clients with an entrepreneurial approach enabling them to think beyond silos and instead establish interdependent relations and release intelligent synergies around knowledge, resources and costs across departments and in their ecosystem of non-traditional business partners.

The EVG-framework®

Our ability to achieve Exponential Value Growth was founded in the EVG-framework®. Analyzing our clients Societal-, Technological- and Human- capital. Viewing the organization as a non-linear complex system, we were able to allocate, evaluate, relocate and connect people with insights, technologies and systems to drive exponential results from less resources and with much lower costs.

A disruptive mindset

We always start each day thinking how we can disrupt our status quo in thinking doing and acting, to innovate from a clean sheet while taking our clients heritage and legacy systems into account.

Providing an entrepreneurial approach

Empowering in Exponential Value Growth is still our core business and what motivates our Swarm agents.  



“Every day, we strive for that people, organisations and societies are empowered to achieve Exponential Value Growth (EVG™)”


Human capital

Releasing the invaluable power in Diversity Team Excellence. The ability to visualise long-term goals to harness knowledge, accelerate achievements, disrupt status quo and make innovation part of your DNA.


Tech capital

Procuring, deploying and mobilising technology systems and applications, enabling to innovate through your data , accelerating the innovation portfolio, enabling knowledge sharing and cost synergies.


Societal capital

Mastering and capitalising on socio-economic paradigm-shifts (competitive analysis), leveraging on cross-industry innovation to launch powerful solutions the market values and wants.